I’m a professional wedding celebrant

I have a skilled staff working with me who help me to create and perform the best wedding ceremonies in Puglia.
Who I'am

Michela Solito

Wedding Celebrant for Civil and Symbolic Ceremonies in Apulia

Welcome on Apulia Weddings web site. My name is Michela and I’m a professional wedding celebrant. I tailor and perform symbolic ceremonies in Apulia.

Apulia is my land. I was born here and I still work and live here.
I have been working in wedding business for many years. I speak English, German and French fluently. I’m Italian mother tongue. I have a degree in Foreign Languages and in Marketing and Communication.
I love my job and I love planning wedding ceremonies for the brides and grooms I meet.

I can offer you professionalism, availability, flexibility and an artistic touch to tailor and perform wonderful personalized ceremonies that will be unforgettable!
I would be pleased to perform your wedding ceremony in Apulia.


Thanks to her long experience in wedding business, Apulia Weddings can offer a high level service for your wedding ceremony in Puglia.

territory knowledge

Sun, sea, wind, olive trees and perfumes… Apulia, the heel of Italy! I would be pleased to show you and tell you about all the hidden secrets of my region.

cost effective

Choosing a professional celebrant coming from Apulia directly the service is more cost effective. You won’t be charged for transfers costs.

Real wedding ceremonies in Puglia

Some examples of the ceremonies I performed as a Celebrant in Puglia

A full service for your wedding ceremony civil and symbolic in Puglia

No matter if you are a DIY bride or a wedding planning agency, Apulia Weddings can provide a full service for your wedding ceremony civil and symbolic in Puglia. Michela and her professional celebrants and they can speak all major languages.

We are here to tailor your wedding ceremony according your tastes and needs no matter your culture, religion or custom is.

A lovely talk to know each other to begin a lovely step by step planning to make your wedding ceremony dream come true.

We will choose together texts, poems, readings, rites and music to enhance every step you took and you will take together as a couple. You will share with your guests a unique moment going also a little touch of solemnity that a wedding require.

Our professional celebrants will create for you tailored ceremonies in Italian, English, French, German and Russian.
All wedding ceremonies will be performed by my self or my staff of professional multi language celebrants.
Having a civil wedding abroad will not be more a nightmare. You will be supported in all the steps that will allow to get married.
Apulia Wedding operates in Apulia region and Matera.

Your professional celebrant in Puglia

Choosing Michela and her staff you will hire someone coming directly from Apulia and that will be much more cost effective. You won’t be charged for transfers costs and Michela and her staff celebrant could let you also discover all little secrets of this wonderful region.