MAMMA MIA wedding inspiration | Apulian Weddings
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MAMMA MIA wedding inspiration

About This Project

Crystal clear sea , a picturesque Italian landscape , a romantic church perched on a hill , good background music and the simplicity of a garden style wedding.
If thinking about your ideal Italian seaside wedding, the scenario that comes to your mind is Mamma Mia movie, then you are on the right way! We can plan for you a real Mamma Mia Style wedding in Italy.

Magic Apulia region, has everything you are looking for and can be the perfect place to organize your Mamma Mia themed wedding.
For the few who do not know Apulia, it is a wonderful region located in the very South East of Italy. In these last few years Apulia or as in Italy say: Puglia – is getting famous all over the world.