A Fairy Tale Medieval Wedding in Apulia | Apulian Weddings
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A Fairy Tale Medieval Wedding in Apulia

castles, puglia
About This Project

We are pleased to tell you about a wonderful castle located in the heart of Apulia (or as we say in Italian: Puglia). It is a building of the Middle Ages, surrounded by a stunning oak forest and Mediterranean scrub.

It could be a wonderful wedding venue in Apulia. Here you can experience ancient intertwined stories and adventures of the noble families of other times, of knights and conquests. The ideal setting for a fairy tale wedding!
A page of Apulian history that can be relived today through the picturesque outdoor and indoor tracks full of carefully restored authentic paintings, coats of arms , statues, staircases and secret passages. What are you waiting for? This is the ideal destination for a romantic wedding in Italy!